Herald and Greeley Squares

The restoration of Herald and Greeley Squares, completed in 1999, was 34SP's most dramatic capital project. Transforming what had been concrete wastelands into gorgeous oases in the heart of the District, the project created a much-needed space that serves workers, shoppers, and tourists alike. Each Square offers chairs, tables and umbrellas, immaculate free restrooms, and food kiosks operated by Wafels & Dinges and Nuchas. Herald and Greeley Squares have also served as sets for TV and film projects, as sites for product openings, and as quintessentially "New York" backdrops for photo shoots. And for over fifty years the image of Herald Square as the terminus for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade has beamed into millions of American homes.

Broadway Boulevard

For over a decade, Herald and Greeley Squares have anchored the 34th Street district. In 2009, NYC's "Broadway Boulevard" project closed Broadway to vehicle traffic between 35th and 33rd Streets, creating a pedestrian zone that more than doubled the passive space provided by the Squares. 34SP immediately began to program the newly pedestrianized space, installing chairs, tables, planters, and umbrellas and providing activities and entertainment.

What had once been one of the most congested streets in the city quickly became a place of relaxation, rendezvous, and recreation. In the first year, 34SP provided, free to the public, a chess area, Sunday afternoon clown performances, and lessons in hoop dancing, ballroom dancing, and the African-Brazilian art of Capoeira. This promises to be a dynamic space, so stay tuned to see what new and exciting activities 34SP will be bringing to Broadway Boulevard.


Because they serve so many functions - lunchroom for workers, rest area for shoppers, tourist attraction, film set, and stage for product launches - 34SP believes it important to keep Herald and Greeley Squares looking their absolute best, no matter the season. Our Horticulture Department keeps the squares green and colorful with seasonal treatments that change thrice yearly. Each holiday season, the squares are decorated with lights, evergreens, holly, and arches to create a beautiful and welcoming rest stop for the huge influx of holiday shoppers.


34SP introduced the first self-cleaning, automated pay toilets (APTs) in NYC to the Squares in 1999. Though popular, the APTs were prone to breakdowns and did not meet 34SP's high standards for functionality. Instead of getting rid of the toilets altogether, 34SP converted them to free, immaculate, luxuriously appointed, and fully staffed restrooms. They opened to the public in 2009.