Sponsorship & Business Opportunities


The success of 34th Street Partnership's exciting amenities and programs is linked to our ability to partner with leading brands and corporations. We are ready to work with your company to bring your offering to our patrons.

Contact our team at sponsorships@urbanmgt.com if you have a vision you would like to see come to life in the 34th Street district.


Hanging attractive advertising banners from the 34th Street District's lightpoles is a surefire way to guarantee that hundreds of thousands of eyes will see your brand each day. Cemusa, the international outdoor advertising company, has exclusive rights to hang banners from district lightpoles, and also operates five bus shelter-sized advertising panels at Herald and Greeley Squares. For information on utilizing these outstanding advertising platforms, contact contact Denise Levine, Cemusa's VP of Sales, at 646-312-8524, or email her at dlevine@cemusainc.com.