Visitor Services

Information Carts

34SP's award-winning information carts are staffed by friendly, bi-lingual guides knowledgeable about the district. Browse the cart's high-volume brochure rack for free information about all of the 34th Street District's major attractions.

Information Kiosks

Each of the Partnership's ten direction-finding kiosks includes a map of the immediate area, a map placing the district in a larger context, and directions to the District's major attractions.

Penn Station Visitor Services Center

The Partnership maintains an information booth at Penn Station, located on the Amtrak level. The guide staffing the desk can help with transportation questions, dining recommendations, entertainment venues, and other amenities and services.

Reading Room

The 34th Street Partnership has added Reading Room carts to the district, located in Herald Square and in One Penn Plaza East. The carts are open Monday Friday from 10am to 5:30pm. Each cart has a selection of free newspapers and magazines for the public to use in the Reading Room.

Taxi Stands

Seven days a week, the Partnership staffs and operates two taxi dispatch stands adjacent to Penn Station, and a third at Macy's Broadway entrance. The taxi dispatchers offer assistance to Amtrak passengers, Madison Square Garden audiences, and Herald Square shoppers.