Hold an Event

In order to determine whether your proposed event is appropriate for Herald or Greeley Square Park and to determine an appropriate site fee for your event, we ask that you submit a proposal. Please provide information and answer all outlined questions to the best of your ability. Elaborate whenever possible to provide a full and clear description of your proposed event.

For more information on how to hold an event, please download the Event Planning Guide.


For large-scale events, it is recommended to submit your proposal as far in advance as possible, generally three to six months prior to your preferred event date(s).

Proposals for other events may be considered with a lead time of at least one to two months.

Complete proposals will be reviewed as soon as possible, usually within one to two weeks, at which point one of our events associates will contact you.

Event Fees

Site fees are based on the details submitted in a fully completed proposal. Estimated fees cannot be given until a complete proposal has been submitted and reviewed by the Events Department.

More information about fees can be found in the Event Planning Guide.

Herald and Greeley Squares receive no city, state, or federal money and are funded entirely by earned income. A large part of this revenue comes from fees charged to those who wish to use our park spaces for a commercial, profitable, promotional, or exclusive event. All site fees are used to operate, maintain, and improve the Squares' beauty and functionality.